natalie profiToday I know even my late cat Puma was trying to signal me that my life plan is to work with animals. When I was doing research on the internet he would jump on my lap and tap with his paws on the key board, whenever I happened to have opened a page that dealt with animals. Back then I didn´t think it was more but a cute coincidence.

I often dreamt that one day I would be able to use my skills and knowledge of the nursing and medical field for the sake of animals. The fact that I intuitively know where there are trigger points for pain without being told encouraged me.
I began to read book after book about animal physical therapy and communication but I didnt dare to take that leap of faith.

Finally, it took a severe mental and physical break down to send me unto the right path. In the therapy program I relearned  to listen to my own gut, self- awareness and intuition. I began volunteering at a nearby dog shelter. My time there open my eyes to stress and the effects it has on the body, mind and soul, not just on humans but on all living beings. Obviously the animals in the shelter are being well taken care of as far es their medical needs, food and water supplies. But they are also in dire need for nurturing the soul, they need support to release stress before it turnes into a mental or physical disease.The viscous cycle of pain causes tension and tension causes pain became so very clear to me.

Some animals would come to me regularly and rub their body on mine, some of them allowed me to touch them gently or even massage briefly. I felt their thankfulness and unconditional love as their life energy rose under my hands.
From that moment on I finally understood my mission in life.  I successfully completed training as a „ dogs slumber massage therapist“ at the  Ausbildungszentrum Wosslick  to add specialized professional training to my intuitive abilities.

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My massage techniques and adjunct subtle therapies ...

... are intended to be complimentary and their purpose is to support overall wellness and relaxation, improving the well being of your pet. It is not a substitute for professional veterinarian care or treatment. In the case of any serious medical condition, you should always consult a veterinarian.