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Years of financial struggles, personal losses and traumas finally took their toll. My body shut down and I suffered a severe mental and physical break down. As part of the recovery program I was introduced to painting. It helped me reconnect with my inner thoughts and feelings and the awareness of the „here and now“. During the painting session there were no distractions allowed and I was forced to only concentrate on my intuition and listen.

I decided to paint a picture for a dear friend of mine as a thank you gift for sticking by me and believing in me even though my career in the health care business was falling apart. I can´t say I noticed anything in particular. I felt joyous moving the brush freely using different strokes all across the canvas adding different forms and colors as I felt like doing. Back home I framed it and could hardly wait to give it to her one evening as we had scheduled to meet. But in the afternoon I looked at the picture again. All of a sudden I felt a strong urge to add the color red. I hurried to open the frame almost driven like and I ended up breaking the glass frame cutting myself rather deeply in the finger. Quickly I wrapped papertowel around it to stop the bleeding and focused back on the painting. When my fiancé came home he looked at the mess on the floor in disbelieve. There were color tubes in shades of red all scattered around the floor, crumbled up tissues covered with blood, broken glass and me in the middle, painting not even aware that he came home. „What did you do?“,he asked confused. „It was perfect“. „No“, I answered determinedly, „it needed red!“

Finally the evening came and I got to give the painting to my friend. Now mind you, without a frame. She was completely overwhelmed. tears dwelling in her eyes she was in absolute amazement. „OMG Natalie, it is beautiful“. Everytime she got close to my painting she had obvious goos bumps all over her body. I started to feel a little uncomfortable. I didn't expect such a strong emotional response. „You have no idea what you´ve created, have you?“ she asked in awe and almost amused. „You paint healing art, you have created and energy painting so full of life and love force, the strongest I have ever felt.“ At that point i really had no clue what she was talking about but I felt strongly, that I had rediscovered a very important part of myself.


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My massage techniques and adjunct subtle therapies ...

... are intended to be complimentary and their purpose is to support overall wellness and relaxation, improving the well being of your pet. It is not a substitute for professional veterinarian care or treatment. In the case of any serious medical condition, you should always consult a veterinarian.