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Fragrances have a proven direct effect on the limic system, the emotional control center of the body. To help improve the psychological on or physical well-being of your dog I use a blend of essential oils during the massage that best suits the individual need of your pet. To mix and blend the right ingredients that trigger the desired response, I use a pendulum.

Light-/ color therapy:
The application of specific colors as a therapy has been proven over centuries to have a powerful healing effect. Natural light is composed of all the colors. As imbalances occur in our bodies and our pets bodies, the cells develop the need for exposure to specific colors to help regain balanced function.
Each color of light penetrates the cells at a particular wavelength. The skin has the ability to absorb light of that specific wavelength, convert it into cellular energy and conduct it throughout the body along the meridians to promote natural healing of tissues.

Music therapy:
Past studies have shown that music (and other sounds) can profoundly influence animal behavior. The internal organs do speed up or slow down in accordance with external rhythms (a process called entrainment) and respond to the vibrations around them. This in turn has an effect on the behavior. If music can help slow down heart rate, blood pressure and breathing it promotes relaxation and overall wellbeing.  

Angelic Healing:
In 2016 I participated in a  healing class at the „Spirituelle Schule“ founded by Stefan Bratzel and received the blessing to be an angelic healer.
Angelic Healing works with the love and healing of the angels. The angels are our faithful companions, following us every step of our way. They are patiently waiting for us to invite them to help us. Their  high energy can cleanse, clear and recharge the body to activate self healing processes.  During this form of healing I am the vessel to let the healing of the angels pass unto my client. I let them guide me through images and movements to clear blockages and promote healing.
For this form of treatment I don´t need to actually touch the client.

The energy shared during Angelic Healing can be transferred from a distance!

Kuthumi Animal Healing Light:
Master Kuthumi  who reincarnated as Franz von Assisi was a messenger for all animals. His healing light energy was directly given to me by him so that I may help and support animals with this very gentle yet powerful form of healing.

Energetic straightening of the spine:
The proper alignment of the spine is the base for our well- being, our physical and spiritual health. Literally all of life experiences may have a direct effect on the spinal alignment. It acts as a key to all levels of the conscious and subconscious. If misalignment occurs it causes blockages that prevent life energy from flowing appropriately. In turn many body functions are being affected and the body loses its balance. This is often the beginning of disease.

The energetic straightening of the spine is a form of holistic healing which affects all levels, physical, mental and spiritual, without touching. I received confirmation that I may also use this form of energetic healing to work with animals.

During the treatment powerful divine energy is being transferred and send throughout the spine releasing blockages, freeing the energy flow and activating self healing processes. This happens within seconds, it is non invasive and pain free. However it is possible that your dog may experience some light muscle soreness afterwards.

Massage Therapy Techniques

Subtle Complementary Therapies


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My massage techniques and adjunct subtle therapies ...

... are intended to be complimentary and their purpose is to support overall wellness and relaxation, improving the well being of your pet. It is not a substitute for professional veterinarian care or treatment. In the case of any serious medical condition, you should always consult a veterinarian.