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„I don´t quite know how or why but I do know that I have been given a great gift!“

Through various massage techniques and respiratory therapy I am able to help loosen up tense muscle tissue. The improved circulation to those areas supports muscles and joints to flush out toxins that cause pain and stiffness .

In communication with your pet I also use subtle complimentary therapies such as color therapy, aroma therapy using flower or angelic essences and music to support the self healing processes. I use a biosensor or pendulum to verify the information received. By supporting not only body but mind and spirit your pet can find inner peace and balance and activate his self healing strength. Blockades can be released out of subtle bodies, structures and auras. Stress and pain can be reduced easier, body proprioception is improved and challenging behavior such as barking, jumpiness and hyperactivity can be worked on easier.


Massage Therapy Techniques

Subtle Complementary Therapies


Natalie Lohner
Gildestr.1e, 76149 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 - 721 - 961 36 23
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Email: info@loving-touch.de

My massage techniques and adjunct subtle therapies ...

... are intended to be complimentary and their purpose is to support overall wellness and relaxation, improving the well being of your pet. It is not a substitute for professional veterinarian care or treatment. In the case of any serious medical condition, you should always consult a veterinarian.